Help Wanted

ExamOne is always looking for experienced talent.  Our office is responsible for covering most of Kansas and we are always in need of more help.  We primarily hire phlebotomist, medical assistants and nurses but would consider anyone with experience in drawing blood.

Who is ExamOne? ExamOne is an international paramedical company and is a division of Quest Diagnostics. ExamOne is the number one company in this industry.  Our office in Wichita is a privately owned affiliate of ExamOne, similar to a franchise.  We have been in business since 1981. 

What services does ExamOne provide? Over the years ExamOne has grown to be more than just a paramedical company and we provide a number of services and continue to expand.  Here are a few of the services we provide.

  • Paramedical Exams - We provide insurance physicals for almost all insurance companies currently working in Kansas
  • Wellness Events - We staff both venipuncture and fingerstick wellness events all over the state.  Primarily these events are conducted at businesses for their employees but we also help with events like customer screening at Walmart and Sam's Club locations.
  • Clinical blood draws - We do blood draws for a number of specialty labs as well as pharmaceutical companies.
  • Drug Testing - As part of Quest Diagnostics ExamOne provides a mobile field force for performing mobile drug test.

What is a Paramedical Exam?  When a life insurance company sells a life policy they need information in order to decide if they are going to issue the policy.  They will request that we obtain certain medical information for them.  The most common service we perform is Measurements, Blood & UA.  This consists of obtaining a blood and UA specimen along with height, weight, BP & Pulse.  This usually takes approximately 20 minutes.

What equipment will I need? You will need  a standard and large size BP cuff, Stethoscope, standard bathroom scale, rigid, extendable tape measure and cloth tape measure.  A centrifuge machine is also required but we will loan you one at no charge for 6 months.

How will I receive orders? Once approved as an examiner you will be given access to the ExamOne web based program.  You can access your new and current orders and update cases this way.  You can also adjust your schedule to show when you are and are not available.

Do I need malpractice insurance? No, we are covered with a 5 million dollar liability policy through ExamOne and fortunately have never had to use it in the 35 years we have been in business.

What does it pay?  Each insurance company has a contract with ExamOne stating what they will pay for services and you will receive a percentage of that charge.  They can vary greatly but you can expect an average of $20+ per hour.  

Who qualifies to do paramedical exams?  We primarily look for people who have a lot of experience drawing blood.  We have people from all backgrounds working for us from phlebotomist and EMT's up to RN's.  Candidates will have to pass a background check and pre-employment drug screen.

How many exams will I complete each month?  It will vary depending on what area you live in.  It is really a matter of how many people live in your area.  As expected the larger the city that you live in the more exams available in your area.  We usually ask that you cover a 20-30 mile radius around your city but if you want to go farther we do not limit you.

If you are interested in applying to be a paramedical examiner please click on the button below and complete the 2 page application and the release form that will allow us to run the background check.  After you have them completely filled out you can fax or email them to us and we will then contact you.  If you have any questions you can always call us at 316-832-0985 or email us at .